Arbroath Islamic Community Centre

Support us, we need your help.

Support the Work of Arbroath Islamic Community Centre through Your Generous Donations At Arbroath Islamic Community Centre, we rely on the support of generous individuals like you to continue providing valuable services and programs to our community. Your donations enable us to maintain our facilities, expand educational initiatives, organize community events, and engage in outreach programs that benefit both our community members and the wider society.

Your contributions, no matter the size, make a meaningful difference and are greatly appreciated. There are several ways you can donate to Arbroath Islamic Community Centre

In-Person Donations:

If you prefer to donate in person, we welcome you to visit Arbroath Islamic Community Centre during our operating hours. Our team will be available to receive your donation and provide you with a receipt.

Bank Transfer:

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You can also choose to make a direct bank transfer to our designated bank account. Please contact us for the relevant details if you wish to donate via this method.
Your donation will be utilized judiciously to support the various services, programs, and initiatives of Arbroath Islamic Community Centre. We are committed to financial transparency and will ensure that your contributions are utilized efficiently and effectively.

On behalf of Arbroath Islamic Community Centre, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support. Your generosity enables us to continue our work in serving the community and promoting unity, knowledge, and social welfare.

Thank you for considering a donation to Arbroath Islamic Community Centre. Together, we can make a positive impact and build a stronger, more inclusive community.
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